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Best Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi, India

Get the best cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi / nose surgery in Delhi / nose job reshaping surgery / open rhinoplasty / close rhinoplasty at our clinic by the best rhinoplasty surgeon in New Delhi, Panchsheel Park, South Delhi (India).

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a cosmetic procedure used to give your nose the desired shape. Generally, people opt for rhinoplasty for two aims: first to change the appearance of the nose so that it enhances overall facial appearance, and secondly to improve breathing where an extended bone or cartilage obstructs breathing.

However, in any case, it is important to seek consultation from experts. You can contact our best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi to see if you can benefit from rhinoplasty. Our experienced rhinoplasty surgeons will analyze your facial features too if the skin and anatomy of your nose are suitable for nose surgery. If all parameters are fine, our surgeons will proceed with the further action plan.

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Why is Rhinoplasty Done?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be useful in the following spheres:

  • Overcoming nasal asymmetry
  • Improving the size and position of the nostrils
  • Nose size in proportion to facial balance
  • Improving nose profile with visible depressions or humps on the bridge
  • Correcting nose width at the bridge
  • Correcting large, wide, or upturned nostrils
  • Improving enlarged upturned, drooping, bulbous, or hooked nasal tip

What are the Types of Rhinoplasty Surgeries?

There are multiple types of rhinoplasty. Our best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi will choose the best technique for you depending on facial appearance, type of skin, and other related factors.

At the same time, the patient’s expectations from the surgery and anatomy will play a determining role in choosing the right approach.

Broadly, there are two primary procedures, and then there are others that build upon them.

Type of Anesthesia

What are the Types of Rhinoplasty Surgeries?

There are multiple types of rhinoplasty. Our best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi will choose the best technique for you depending on facial appearance, type of skin, and other related factors.

At the same time, the patient’s expectations from the surgery and anatomy will play a determining role in choosing the right approach.

Broadly, there are two primary procedures, and then there are others that build upon them.

about rhinoplasty procedure

Primary Rhinoplasty Procedures

Open Rhinoplasty: In open rhinoplasty, our expert plastic surgeons in Delhi first make an incision in the external skin between the nostrils. After getting access to the internal nose, they reach out to the entire nasal structure and make the changes to give your nose the desired shape. Some people may feel hesitant to have actual incisions on their nose, but our expert surgeons make sure there are no visible scars on the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty: In the closed rhinoplasty procedure, our experienced plastic surgeon makes incisions from within the nostrils. This procedure ensures that the scars are not visible from the outside. This kind of rhinoplasty procedure is preferred for patients who do not require straightening of the lower parts of the nose or other complicated correcting of nose shape or size.

Secondary Rhinoplasty Procedure

These are the procedures used with primary procedures for certain specific changes. Secondary rhinoplasty can be used for clients who may initially require small corrections, adjustments. It may be followed by the primary process including open or close, depending on the expectations of the client.

They include:

Tip plasty:  Our surgeons may use tip plasty specifically for making changes to the nip of the nose. For more changes like changing the bridge of the nose, the surgeon may go for the open or closed procedure in addition to tip plasty.

Filler Rhinoplasty: Filler Rhinoplasty is a minimal intrusive rhinoplasty procedure that requires injecting a filler to reshape the nose. We don’t generally consider it a surgery as it doesn’t involve incisions or stitches. However, this procedure has two main limitations. The first one is the results don’t last as long as actual surgery, and that they are not effective you expect to decrease the size of the nose.

What Should You Discuss with Surgeon Before Surgery

Like most surgical procedures rhinoplasty has certain risks. Therefore, our experienced cosmetic surgeons will discuss with you the important factors related to the success of the surgery. Here are some things that the surgeons may ask you before going ahead with the surgery:

Your Medical history: Your Medical history is a vital factor that our plastic surgeons in Delhi would consider before the surgery. They may ask you questions whether you have a history of nasal obstruction or other types of surgeries, or if you are/were taking certain medications. He would also enquire if you have a bleeding disorder, including hemophilia to ensure there is minimal risk of any complication during or after the surgery.

A Physical Examination: Our experienced rhinoplasty team also conducts a thorough physical examination, which may include laboratory tests, such as blood tests before going ahead with nose surgery in Delhi. They will also examine your facial features and the inside and outside of your nose to check your facial suitability for rhinoplasty.

The physical examination is indispensable as it helps our team of cosmetic surgeons to determine if the expected changes in appearance are not associated with any possible risks. Moreover, it will also help them to assess how your facial features such as the strength of the cartilage at the end of your nose or the thickness of your skin may affect your results. And most important, rhinoplasty primarily involves the nose. Therefore, it is critical to ensure it does not affect your breathing.

Photographs: Lastly, the surgeons will take photographs of your nose from different angles. And then Computer software may also be used to develop a virtual picture of your after-surgery face. In short, it is a way to ensure that your surgeon and you are on the same page regarding the expectations from the surgery.

Post-Surgery Precautions

It is common to experience drainage of mucus and slight bleeding for a few days post-surgery or after the dressing is removed. Generally, a “drip pad”, comprising a small piece of gauze held by tape, is placed under your nose to contain drainage. As directed by the doctor, you need to change the gauze at regular intervals. However, make sure you don’t place the drip pad tight against your nose.

Here are some other precautions you will have to follow for several weeks following the surgery.

  • Not blow your nose.
  • Avoid intense activities like jogging and aerobics.
  • With bandages on your nose, you will be advised to take baths instead of showers
  • Consume foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.
  • Avoid extreme facial expressions, like laughter or crying.

And most importantly, contact your surgeon immediately in case of complications like pain or profound bleeding.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

We offer the most affordable rhinoplasty cost in Delhi. And that’s too without compromising on quality. You can contact us right away to know more about our cost-effective nose job surgery, nose reshaping surgery, open rhinoplasty surgery, close rhinoplasty surgery, reduction rhinoplasty surgery, augmentation rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty, nose fillers treatment, and rhinoplasty surgery packages in New Delhi, Panchsheel Park, South Delhi (India).

Frequently Asked Question

What Type of Anesthesia Used During Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The cosmetic surgeon will use general or local anaesthesia during the Rhinoplasty surgery. The entire nose and the surrounding area will become numb after injecting it. Within a few hours of the procedure, the numbness will be removed automatically. In general anaesthesia you are unconscious during the procedure and wake up immediately, once the procedure is done.

How Long Patient has to Stay in Clinic or Hospital?

The patient needs to stay in the hospital or clinic on a day care basis. After some time, you can go to your home for a rest as it is necessary to bed rest for proper healing.

When Can I Resume My Work?

Your nose will heal within some weeks. After some time, you can resume your work because your nose will be healed. It is necessary to take medications and avoid activities like swimming, jogging, etc. After a speedy recovery, you can resume your routine activities.

Is It Possible to Change the Entire Appearance of the Nose?

Yes, it is possible to transform the entire nose appearance by Rhinoplasty surgery. It can be a complicated process, and it may take more time than usual. But the rhinoplasty surgeon in India can change all the aspects of your nose, like size, shape, skin, etc., to transform its appearance.

Is Nose Job Painful?

The nose surgery is painful, but you will not feel it due to anaesthesia. During the Rhinoplasty surgery, you will not experience any pain. But once the procedure is done, you may feel some pain. But the doctor will provide medications to manage pain.

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