Rhinoplasty: Know All About Procedures & its Benefits

rhinoplasty procedures

Rhinoplasty helps transform the size, shape, and appearance of the nose. It enhances the appearance of the overall facial structure. Different procedures of Rhinoplasty are done depending on the condition of the patient. It is categorized into two types, which are necessary to understand before this procedure. Let us know more about Rhinoplasty and its different procedures.

Type of Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are two types of Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgical procedures:

  1. Aesthetic: The surgery is done to change the overall structure of the nose.
  2. Functional: If anyone has breathing problems like nasal polyps and a blocked nose, it can be solved with this method. It helps in improving the noise characteristics.

What are the Different Nose Job Techniques?

Two types of nose job surgery techniques are there:

  1. Open 

It is a method of reshaping the nose structure. In this procedure, a slight cut is given to expanding it. After that, the surgeon can see the nasal skeleton. This incision is known as trans-columellar. This method is best for Aesthetic Rhinoplasty. It helps in improving the overall nose structure.

  1. Closed 

It is a method to solve breathing issues. The Closed technique is a bit different from the Open one. It is also called endonasal Rhinoplasty. It doesn’t involve opening a part of the nose to start the procedure. There is a limit on the visibility of scars after the surgery. It is perfect for Functional Rhinoplasty. In this procedure, a parallel incision is done by expert surgeons to prevent external scars.

What Do You Mean by Grafts?

If you want to reshape your nose, you need implants or fat tissues. If the cosmetic surgeon takes tissues from different body parts, it is known as Autologous Graft. But in the case of artificial sources, implants and Gortex are used.

There are 3 sources where the surgeon can get an Autologous Graft, i.e., Ear, rib, and nasal septum cartilage. The cartilage is a pretty soft and flexible tissue that helps remake the nose’s structure. In the case of implants, the preferable sources are silicone implants and Gortex.

What are the Advantages of Using Silicone in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Silicone implants are used to reshape the nose structure. The best thing about using implants is that it shortens the surgery period. The results are excellent just after the process. It is the best choice to save your time, i.e., 3 to 4 hours with immediate results.

What is the Procedure of Rhinoplasty?

This surgery is done in the following steps:

  1. First of all, the surgeon injects the anesthesia that numbs your nose and the surrounding area. You can easily choose between general anesthesia and intravenous sedation.
  2. The incisions are made either by the open or closed procedure. In the closed one, the incision is hidden inside the nose, and therefore, no scars will be visible to the patient. On the other hand, the incision in the open procedure is made to separate the nostrils. After the surgery, the scars will be visible. When incisions are made, the cartilage and nasal bones are raised gently for reshaping the nose structure.
  3. After that, reshaping is done. In the case of a large nose, the cartilage bone is removed. In some cases, the grafts are added. It can be your skin tissues or silicone implants.
  4. Now, the deviated septum is corrected by straightening and projecting the inner side of the nose for improved breathing.
  5. In the end, the incision will be closed after restructuring your nose. The size alteration is done to give a naturally-looking appearance to your nose.

What Surgeons Suggest? 

Our patients at Luxury Aesthetics are our responsibility. Our team suggests the best to their patients to prevent them from getting harmed. If the procedure is not done well, the patient needs to go for another surgery. But this case is quite common if an inexperienced surgeon treats you. There is no risk of complications if you approach our cosmetic experts. In case of any doubts, our expert cosmetic surgeon can help you.

Book an appointment for rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi and ask any query in the consultancy session. It is necessary to understand everything about Rhinoplasty and its different procedures. You must know how much you need to reshape, resize or restructure your nose. Before this surgery, get all the details and find the best surgeon and clinic. After the surgery, wait for some time to see the results.

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