What is the Procedure of Rhinoplasty?


ABOUT RHINOPLASTY: Facial features are one of the most attractive and noticeable features of a person. People with sharp facial structures and features are beautiful. Having a beautiful nose enhances the beauty of a person and improves his confidence. But unfortunately, not everyone is born with a sharp and perfect nose. You can get your nose’s desired shape, structure, and size.

Every year, millions of people opt for cosmetic surgery to get the desired facial features, including the nose. If everything is fine on your face, but your nose is defective, you will not look beautiful. It is possible to enhance the nose’s shape, size, and structure by Rhinoplasty. It is a perfect cosmetic surgical procedure that can transform your nose differently. This procedure has another name, i.e., Nose Job Surgery.

You can also go for the complete transformation of the nose. Many people have congenital disabilities that can cause severe problems, like difficulty breathing, allergies, and much more. People born with a defective nose cannot survive without Rhinoplasty. No medications can help them stay. If someone lost his beautiful nose appearance in an accident, surgery is also the perfect option for them.

Who Can All Get Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Everyone has a different structure of the nose. But people can get this surgery if they have one of the reasons, such as:

  1. You don’t have the proper size of your nose. It can be too small or too large.
  2. The structure of the nose is not matching with the overall facial structure.
  3. The nose condition is not good because of an accident or anything. It can be a little damaged.
  4. You have breathing issues.

What are the Steps Involved in the Process of Nose Surgery?

First, you have to select the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi. The cosmetic surgeon must be well-experienced and have done many nose jobs in his career. Book a consultancy session to discuss your problems when you approve the surgeon. The doctor will give you the date, and you have to visit the clinic for the treatment. You can leave the clinic or hospital once the surgery is done.

At the beginning of the procedure, the patients will be injected with anaesthesia to numb the nose and the surrounding area. After that, the doctor will mark your nose and see what changes need to be made. It is necessary to keep the nose accurately to avoid any mistakes at the later stages. Now, the Nasal septum will be separated after the marking task. Then, the graft is harvested in it. Now, the septal graft will be removed for further process.

The graft is used to cut the inner side of the nose bone. After removing the graft, the bone restructures are placed below the nasal and auxiliary bone. After that, it is necessary to press the bones correctly to adjust the width of the nasal bones. Now, the doctor will focus on hump reduction, which is preferable when any patient has an unpleasant structure. It is easy to correct irregularities in the nose.

The cartilage is then cut and divided into three tubular-shaped pieces. Each piece is stitched well on the top side of the nose. It will result in increasing the height of the nose. This process is known as Dorsal Augmentation. If your nose is relatively small and needs to increase its size, this Rhinoplasty method will work the best. The last step is the suture closure, and at last, the dressing is done.

You have to wait for one to two weeks to see the perfect results. It is necessary to follow all the doctor’s guidelines and follow what he advises you. Make sure that you consume all the prescribed medications and take care of your nose. Find the best clinic like Luxury Aesthetics for your treatment and get satisfactory results.

Many people are satisfied with the results they got after the surgery. Here, you will get the best surgeons in India perfect for Rhinoplasty surgery. You can book an appointment to meet our experts and clear all the myths in your head. In this way, you will know more about the Rhinoplasty procedure.

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